How To Start Studying Artificial Intelligence

4/07/2018 · Starting Ai From the basics ##3 thing require you most (1)-A solid reason to learn. (2)-Know the Basics of math. (3)-A programming language. C++ Java Lisp/Pr... […]

World Of Warships How To Use A Carrier Langley

Playing them is interesting and no matter on what you prefer to focus in World of Warships, you should have few good cruisers in your port. St. Luis is definitely the best tier III warship. If you decide to develop destroyers' line, then you must ask yourself the question on what you want to focus. […]

How To Start Your Own Etsy Shop

Learn how to show up in Etsy search results! Being shown in their search results is important if you want to make money on Etsy. Cerca questo Pin e molto altro su MAKE MONEY di Janett Tillman. […]

How To Set 10 Bit Colour Amd

Hi Javier, Unfortunately the GTX 1080 will not support 10 bit directly if you're using it for Professional apps (like Adobe Photoshop etc). In order to get 10 bit support like that you would need to purchase an Nvidia Quadro card or an AMD FirePro card. […]

How To Use Parallel Studio On Mac

16/10/2018 · Since it was released a little more than a year ago, Visual Studio 2017 for Mac has grown from being an IDE primarily focused on mobile application development using Xamarin to one that includes support for all major .NET cross-platform workloads including Xamarin, Unity, and .NET Core. […]

How To Turn On Macbook Pro Without Power Button

MacBook Pro :: Can't Turn On It Doesn't Response To Power Button Jun 1, 2014 A few hours ago i tried to turn it on but it only showed the apple screen for a few seconds and turn off automatically.. i can't turn it back on anymore.. […]

How To Write A Bill To Become A Law

20/03/2015 · Oh my, Craig has his work cut out for him this week. The process of how a bill becomes a law can be pretty complex, fraught with potential bill-death at every corner. […]

How To Write Sound Effects In Words

Other sound effects make use of repeating letters or combinations of letters. Consonance is repeating the same consonants in words that are near each other. The statement " m u mm y's m o mm y was no co mm on du mm y" is an example of consonance because the letter m is repeated. […]

How To Start A John Deere Zero Turn Lawn Mower

1 Start a Zero Turn Lawn Mower; 2 Is There a Solar- or Electric-Powered John Deere Lawn Mower? 3 Take Off a John Deere X500 Mower Deck; 4 How Do I Choose a Riding Lawnmower… […]

How To Turn Two Points Into General Form

Standard form involves moving the decimal point so that there is only one non-zero digit to the left of the decimal point, then multi … plying by an appropriate power of ten. If you moved the decimal point to the left, then the exponent of ten will be positive. If you moved the decimal point to the right, then the exponent of ten will be negative. The value of the exponent is equal to the […]

How To Wear A Running Belt

2/05/2009 I finally went out and bought a hydration belt. This is the one I got. I did 8 miles today, but didn't try it out for 2 reasons: 1. It was only in the 50s (absolutely perfect weather for running) […]

How To Use The Loop Loft Files

If you have all the files open, then you can use a more simple loop to loop through the open workbooks. Here is an example. Here is an example. Sub Loop_Open_Workbooks() […]

How To Set Up Hey Siri Ios 11

With this feature switched on, you don’t have to press and hold the Home button to start Siri. Simply say, “Hey Siri” and follow up with a request. […]

How To Start A Franchise Without Money

While starting and operating any business will usually cost you money, going into a franchise will typically require some amount of down payment, along with ongoing fees. In addition, you may also be required to pay a percentage of your locations income or sales performance back to the franchisor. […]

How To Make Vray Walk Through

20/09/2012 · Good day guys..... Am a beginner in VRay and rendering an interior scene of apartment using Vray Physical camera and Lights, can anyone suggest me the best settings of Vray Camera for interior scene where rooms are small and camera need to be animated.....i have set my film gate to 50, and focal length to 36 but the scene looks like stretched […]

How To Teach French To A Child

8) Eiffel tower activities for kids. Make EIFFEL TOWERS using LEGOS or TOOTH PICKS and MARSHMALLOWS or SPAGHETTI and GUM DROPS… You can challenge the children to make Eifel Towers using any of the above materials! […]

How To Get Loan To Move For Work

Unlike the VA loans or some FHA loans where you might be able to get 100% financing and even have nothing down, the maximum LTV (loan-to-value) ratio we generally work with is about 80%. Meaning, if your house is going to have a total price of $650,000, you’re going to need to bring $130,000 cash to the table, or at least have that much in equity somewhere. If you happen to have owned your […]

How To Use Startech Docking Station

StarTech Docking Station is a very popular option at the bottom of the price range. It has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as Lenovo ThinkPad Mini Series 3 … […]

How To Use Your Breast Pump Correctly

Batman retro 8 inch action figures series 2 dick grayson.This action figures is an exact reproduction of the original one that was produced how to use a breast pump correctly by mego.Features.Bathsheba felt the unpleasant symptoms after two or three dozen turns.Either from the consciousness, however, that his friend had recovered, or from other consciousness. […]

Firefox How To Show Tabs Open

The Action entry will show Preview in Firefox when you're using the built-in PDF Viewer. To use an external application to view PDF files, select the entry for the PDF application you wish to use e.g. if you want the PDF to open in Adobe Reader instead of in the Firefox … […]

How To Use Font Awesome Utf8

Where UTF-8 is used transparently in 8-bit environments, the use of a BOM will interfere with any protocol or file format that expects specific ASCII characters at the beginning, such as the use of "#!" of at the beginning of Unix shell scripts. […]

Peer Revies And How To Take The Commonets

Peer Review Report #2 [6.3 Antifungal medicines: Itraconazole] (1) Does the application adequately address the issue of the public health need for the medicine? Yes, the application gives in-depth analyses of the issues related to public health with respect to many of the fungal infections. Skin infections caused by fungi are the 5th commonest cause of human disease and affect over 900 million […]

How To Set Synology Nas Buffering

Synology makes a variety of home and business network attached storage devices (NAS) running their Linux-based DiskStation Manager software. DigitalOcean Spaces is an object storage service that makes it easy and cost-effective to store and retrieve large amounts of data. […]

How To Use Laptop As Wireless Router

A wireless network card installed on each computer that you want to connect to your wireless network; A wireless broadband router (optional). Usually a piece of hardware called wireless broadband […]

How To Tell If Starter Solenoid Is Bad On Atv

A new battery did not fix our ATV starting problem. We cleaned the solenoid and tried starting it bypassed with a jumper cable. The starter turned at that point, but just barely...and the jumper got very hot after just a few seconds. […]

How To Take Down One Job

Jobs advertisements create an important first impression for candidates. A job ad is often seen as a reflection of an organisation, and it’s vital that job ads attract, rather than deter, quality talent. […]

How To Tell If A Swordtail Is Pregnant

Swordtail Breeding I've never tried Swordtail breeding, so I asked someone that has, to share their experience. Ian, also know as Statico , has allowed me to use a few pictures, and answered some questions on breeding the Swordtail fish . […]

How To Turn Off Screen Overlay In Samsung A7

Description. The Karbonn A7 Turbo is a basic smartphone with Android 6.0. Its specs are nothing to write home about - 4.5" 480 x 854 px display, 1.2 GHz quad core processor, and 2 MP rear camera, along with 0.3 MP front one. […]

How To Send Something Via Courier

Courier Comparison finds you the best rates for freight services via Melbourne to Adelaide and vice-versa. Use the rate calculator above to compare and select the best combination of discounted courier rates and delivery options among many popular Australian couriers. […]

Roblox How To See Ur Recent Games

Players usually get Robux from doing various tasks, and achievements in the game. However, the infinite game features in Roblox and the rush of getting more and more Robux is inevitable for a … […]

How To Search An Image On Google Like Catfish

30/01/2014 · Every coming day there seems to be news of horrible crimes being committed to innocent people. We want you to know who these offenders are, some are living among you without your knowledge. eVerify, a criminal background search tool, will provide you that closure. […]

How To Use Soyatoo Cocos Whip

Soyatoo Cocos Whip. Dec29 2012 Written by maggie. Vegan Coconut Topping Cream. A coconut whipped cream from Soyatoo. I have tried the soya version of this and I really like it. The coconut version is quite similar, it is not too sweet which i like as it works well with any sweet dessert. The creamy texture is good and it has a slightly sweet coconut taste. Great on any dessert. My only slight […]

How To Show Up In Google Search For Multiple Locations

Historically, Google allowed users to set their location for search results in an option under ‘Search Tools’ on the search results page. We noticed over the past few months that Google was periodically removing this option for users and discovered on Monday that they have removed it completely. […]

How To Translate Into Hiragana In Word

Type the word in English or in Japanese into the input box. You can write the word in kanji, hiragana, katakana or in romaji (latin letters). Click the "Search" button to find all the information available. You will find the translation, pronunciation, how to write it and even some examples on […]

Facebook Ads Campaign How To Start

When you start a campaign, you want to figure out which bidding option to go for, because Facebook features different ad types. These are the two main types of ads: These are the two main types of ads: […]

How To Teach Transportation Lesson Plan

Day 5. Trains. Sing transportation songs and any new train songs. Read “Freight Train” by Donald Crews. Read the book several times so the children can really learn the sequence of colors in the book and they can read it with you. Using either pattern blocks or unifix cubes or cut up squares of colored paper, model the sequence of […]

How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Clean Ears

In this Article: Performing a Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaning Using Caution with Peroxide Community Q&A Earwax (cerumen) is a natural substance produced by your ear canals to keep your ears dry and protect them against bacteria and infection. […]

How To Do A Topspin Serve

It helps if the ball is struck with topspin, since that causes the ball dive down onto the court at higher speed and at a steeper angle. Its difficult to do that since the racquet head must be rising as it strikes the ball in order to generate topspin. […]

How To Solve Polynomials With 5 Terms

1: To divide monomials use the laws of exponents in division. 2: To divide a polynomial by a monomial, we use (a + b) / c = a/c + b/c. 3: The last rule is to divide a polynomial by another polynomial with at least two terms. […]

How To Turn Off Youtube Notifications On Mac

Turn off notifications on your Mac during a presentation. How to avoid a personal text message or phone call to popup on your screen while presenting on your Mac Present professionally. In an effort to present professionally and not have to worry about personal notifications popping up on your screen while presenting, such as tomorrow nights date, a text message from your lover or a phone […]

How To Use Sempra In A Small Garden

How To Get Rid Of Nutgrass In Garden How To Kill Nutsedge Nutgrass And Other Tough Lawn Weeds, Killing Weeds In The Landscape Garden Johntheplantmans Stories How To Get Rid Of Nutgrass In Garden, Nutgrass Before Small Butterfly Gardening How To Get Rid Of Nutgrass In Garden, The 4 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Nutgrass Wikihow How To Get Rid Of […]

How To Use A Motorcycle Chain Rivet Tool

Motorcycle Chain Breaker Rivet Tool Pin Kit. Free Delivery for - Compare prices of 70830 products in Bicycle Accessories from 199 Online Stores in Australia. Save with! Free Delivery for - Compare prices of 70830 products in Bicycle Accessories from 199 Online Stores in Australia. […]

How To Use Psx Emulator

The only way to play your favorite PS1 and PSX games online is to download a PS1 or PSX emulator. At you can find your favorite PS1 and PSX games and download an emulator that allows you to play them on your desktop or laptop. Now you have the ability to play your favorite PlayStation 360 games with the help of a PSX emulator. Popular PSX games like Final Fantasy and Resident […]

How To Use A Tenon Saw

Re-Sharpening A Tenon Saw. This is a fairly quick run-down about re-sharpening a cross-cutting blunt saw that is otherwise in good condition. A close-up of blunt teeth in elevation and plan . The first operation is ‘top’ the teeth by removing the rounded edges of the blunt teeth (right) and provide a set of triangular 'shiners' that serve as a reference during the sharpening. Align a fine […]

How To Study Medical Science

Innovative approaches to health mean the broad medical and health sciences sectors are expanding and our graduates are in demand. Whether you want to join the leading edge of medical research or become a doctor or dentist with further study, the Bachelor of Science (Medical Science) will give you the essential foundation for a rewarding career […]

How To Anonymously Send Bitcoints

Send And Receive Bitcoin Anonymously. Handla och se senaste avsluten i certifikatet BITCOIN XBT hos Avanza. How is investing in bitcoin like a Ponzi scheme?31 Jul 2018 - 10 min - Uploaded by Legit CryptoAnonymous Bitcoin Fork - How to Claim Anonymous Bitcoin. […]

How To Sell Clickbank Products

2/08/2018 · The Clickbank marketplace is full of products you can sell. Most people stick to the Make Money Online niche and the Fitness niche. Most people stick to the Make Money Online niche and the Fitness […]

How To Tell When Fitbit Flex Is Charged

Fitbit Flex can track your steps, your distance, your calories burned, your active minutes, the hours you?ve slept, the quality of your slow, the times you woke up, and it actually can wake you up in the morning with a silent vibrating alarm. […]

How To Use Usb Recovery Drive Windows 10

I have upgraded from WIndows 8.1 to WIndows 10. I've created a USB recovery drive by searching for recovery in control panel and selecting Create a Recovery Drive. All appeared to go well but at the end there was a message to the effect that all the files from the recovery drve D: had been copied to […]

How To Set Up Gamble Twitch

Just sign up and the world of Twitch and its live streams is at your fingertips. You can follow any streamer you want, and for just $4.99 you can subscribe to a streamer and get an ad-free experience that will help support the owner of that Twitch account. […]

How To Use Playstation Share

Installing a media server with one already available natively is a bit redundant, however, the PS3 Media Server transcribes nearly any media format into one that the PS3 will definitely be able to read. Once you try it out, you won't want or need to use anything else. […]

How To Tell If Old House Has Asbestos

Asbestos soil can be found due to old buildings and materials that have cointaminted the soil. The level of risk is dependent on the type of asbestos contamination. Asbestos cement is generally bonded and maintains structural integrity compared to […]

How To Stop Perspiration Naturally

How to Reduce Excessive Sweating Tips to Control and Reduce Perspiration. re you looking for ways and tips on how to reduce excessive sweating naturally? If you are, you have just stumbled upon the page you're looking for. After years of combating against excessive sweating, I can finally say that the tips contained in this article will help you to reduce excessive sweating easily and […]

How To Write Funny Jokes

The word “funny” has a lot of different interpretations, but in the filmmaking profession, the word funny only means one thing: causing an audience to laugh. If your character’s joke doesn’t cause a script reader to laugh, your joke is not funny. If your piefight/carchase sequence with the John Belushi robot doesn’t keep a script reader in stitches with every line, your piefight […]

How To Stop Google Ads On Chrome

In this video from MegaByteTV we learn how to block ads on a web page using the Google Chrome browser. If you see an ad on a website, click the icon which is actually a shortcut to a JavaScript code. It will then block the flash on a JavaScript website. Automatically all of the flash on a page will be blocked. You can do this by using the link […]

How To Get 4 Year Old To Stay In Bed

We have the same problem with our 3 year old, we've been cuddling her to sleep and then leaving once she is asleep. We also give her some incentive to stay in her bed once she inevitably wakes up in the middle of the night. […]

How To Train Your Dragon Changewing Toy

"Alright guys, just like we practiced!" The moment after I said that, the Gronckle, Zippleback, Nadder Head, Monstrous Nightmare and their riders levitated off the stone floor of the arena and began to fly in a V formation, circling the entire room. […]

How To See Someones Twitch Bio

14/09/2018 · TinEye is great for checking to see if someone who is claiming an image is an original image of them actually is! Put in the image details of anyone you know on line, even wikiHow profile pictures, and see how many other times 'their picture' has been used on line. […]

How To Stop Wood Catching Light On A Campfire

16/06/2012 Everyone loves a campfire! Watch this video and get some tips for making a campfire on your next camping trip in a national park of Canada. Cette video est aussi disponible en francais a https […]

How To Turn Off Over Temp Protection

Built-in Electric Motor Overheating Protection: some electric motors including some submersible well pumps include a built-in electrical overload or temperature overheat control switch that will turn off the electric motor if it's too hot. […]

How To Send A Video More Than 64 Mb

The 8GB is bigger than the 2GB. Also 1GB = 1024MB so 2 =2048mb and 8GB= 8192MB. In conclusion the 8GB is bigger. Also 1GB = 1024MB so 2 =2048mb and 8GB= 8192MB. In conclusion the 8GB is […]

How To Use Black Seed Oil For Pain

Kalonji oil for Stomach pain: Kalonji oil plays an important role in minimizing the impact of stomach pain. To relieve from stomach pain, it is suggested to take the mixture Kalonji oil (½ tsp), little amount of black salt, and warm water (½ glass). Drink the mixture twice or thrice for better result. Chest irritation and stomach trouble can be solved by taking the mix of Kalonji oil (½ tsp […]

Aion How To See Account Age

You should now see the AION (abbreviated to AION) in your wallet under 'Token Balances'. Not all newer tokens automatically show in your token balance list. If this is the case with your AION, follow this tutorial to have them show up. […]

How To Set Proxy In Utorrent

I want to configure µTorrent on a proxy sever. I tried mentioning proxy and port address as well as the authentication in the µTorrent settings, still I am unable to connect and download. […]

How To Say I Want You Now In Spanish

8/06/2016 · Want to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Sign in. Share More. Report. Need to report the video? Sign in to report inappropriate content. Sign in. Transcript; Add […]

How To Create A Study Plan For Usmle

Why create a study plan for the USMLE? This is probably the question foremost in the mind of anyone who ever thought of tackling the USMLE. I remember when I was starting out, how this pre-occupied me a … […]

How To Take Off A Front Zip Wetsuit

Front zip wetsuits Entry into a front zip suit is much the same as any other suit, but more care is needed and making sure the suit is pulled up as high as possible is even more crucial. It may feel like a struggle, but if you are aware of the right wetsuit techniques it doesn't have to be! […]

How To Turn A Libra Female Trick Against Her

Dorothy T. Catalonia (ドロシー・カタロニア, Doroshī Kataronia?) is a character from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. She becomes an important character in the manga New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Battlefield of Pacifists and is the ESUN President during Frozen Teardrop. […]

How To Stop Catalogues In The Mail Uk

You searched for 'stop catalogue' How Can I Cancel My Directory? Request A Next Directory; Can the Directory be recycled? I have received a winter directory? I have not yet received my Directory; When will I receive my Next Directory? Cancellation Form; How do I close my account? Can I change or cancel my order? How can I cancel a collection that has been arranged? Our Contact Details. View […]

How To Solve Chemical Formulas

A chemical equation is a chemist’s shorthand expression for describing a chemical change. As an example, - consider what takes place when iron rusts. The equation for this change is: Fe + O2 → Fe2O3 In this expression, the symbols and formulas of the reacting substances, called the reactants, are written on the left side […]

How To Use Op Amp As Comparator

Voltage comparator circuit. Voltage comparator is a circuit which compares two voltages and switches the output to either high or low state depending upon which voltage is higher. […]

How To Manage Your Emotions At Work

19/12/2018 Once you are comfortable with that, start identify instances in which you bottle up your emotions, ask yourself what you feel, what situation causes it, and try to gain the right perspective of the situation, until you reach a point you can effectively manage the emotion. […]

How To Write The Performance Review In A Project Report

conduct a review meeting within 48 hours of the written performance review note and file any employee comments and then ensure that the final version goes on file. Customise this template to your company's requirements and hand to employees to complete prior to a performance review. […]

How To Train Your Cat To Walk Without A Leash

So todays lesson Ill be teaching you each how to walk your dogs without pulling. Its called social walking" Its called social walking" "Social walk means this - dogs allowed to go out to the end of the leash. […]

How To Turn A Bbq On

I was a little hesitate to purchase the Smokenator, but I watched your video, and many others, of the Smokenator and just had to pull the trigger. […]

How To Start Teaching A Child To Read

4/01/2015 · The Children Learning Reading program is a simple, powerful, and proven learning to read system that many parents like you have used to successfully teach their children to read … […]

How To Wear Off The Shoulder Tops In Winter

Shorts and off shoulder tops is a staple vacation outfit. Style it with some boho accessories, casual slip-ons, a bog tote bag, and you’ll be comfortable yet fashionable all day long. Style it with some boho accessories, casual slip-ons, a bog tote bag, and you’ll be comfortable yet fashionable all day long. […]

How To Use Magnetic Gel Nail Polish

6.Apply the second layer of color gel polish. Attention, dont cure it under the lamp now. Attention, dont cure it under the lamp now. 7.**Put the magnetic stick over the nails until the cat eye effect shows up, then cure LED/UV lamp about 2-3min. […]

How To Use Mini Wireless Keyboard With Touchpad

I8 KP-810-21 2.4G Mini Wireless Touchpad Keyboard Remote Control for PC/Pad/Andriod TV Box - Black US$ 13.49 US$ 25.67. Write a review (7) Free Shipping. E-3LUE K727 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 87 key Black Switch - Black US$ 60.99 […]

How To Write A Great Business Plan Book

How to write a great business plan for your small business in 60 minutes or less. [Sharon L Fullen] -- One CD-ROM disc in pocket. Home. WorldCat Home About WorldCat Help. Search. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for […]

Soap Petals How To Use

Calendula (chopped or ground flower petals)- retains its yellow color nicely - Tips for Using Flower Petals in Soap Chamomile Flowers - You can also make tea from it and use it in place of your water - Tips Coffee Grounds - Coffee Soap Recipe - coffee can tend to bleed like mint leave does - so some people brew it first Eucalyptus Leaves […]

How To Automatically Set Up Tax With A Website

If you want to collect sales tax rate with each city, district (you will need to manually set up each one) plus it doesn't automatically update when BOE release changes in … […]

How To Understand Poetry Better

On World Poetry Day, Amber Regis discusses the need for students to 'occupy' poetry and regain their connection with language as a way to overcome verse-phobia Amber Regis […]

How To Use Philips Smart Clean

The Philips HeartStart Defibrillator is designed to be used only with Philips-approved accessories. The HeartStart may perform improperly if non-approved accessories are used. Device tracking In the U.S.A., this device is subject to tracking requirements by the manufacturer and distributors. If the defibrillator has been sold, donated, lost, stolen, exported, or destroyed, notify Philips […]

How To Show Keychain Passwords

Keychain Access stores passwords, notes, and security certifications from not only Safari, but other applications as well. In Safari To get to Keychain Access from Safari, click the Safari name in the menu bar, followed by “Preferences” and “Passwords”. […]

How To Tell If You Have Windows Pro

We’ve delved deep into Windows 10 Update and come up with answers to users’ most pressing questions: Whether you have to accept all updates, whether you … […]

How To Tell If Your Pregnant Or Not

Claim Your 20 Free Pregnancy Tests – Click Here Though once the baby has arrived, they will be the happiest on the planet. Many couples want to know if they are having a boy or a girl, though it’s easy for an ultrasound technician to tell you. […]

How To Use Xyron Create A Sticker

Tips while using your Mega Runner; Easily hold die cuts while spraying, misting or inking. Get rid of unwanted adhesive around the edges. See all 10 articles Laminate Tips. Successful laminate refill installation. How to advance your laminate if it is stuck. How to make a laminated sticker. Fixing wrinkles in your laminate. Xyron, Inc. Powered by Zendesk. Community Submit a request Sign in […]

How To See Auras Easy

Find out how to see auras for beginners through this article. But first we will explain the basics of what auras are and later on we will look at how to learn to see them. […]

How To Write Receiving Letter

The best way to write an authorization letter to receive important documents? Authorization letters are letters that empower someone else to take actions on your behalf. […]

How To Stop Caring About Sports

How to Stop Caring About Trolls and Get On With Your Life You see them everywhere you go on the internet: anonymous users with nothing to say but rude, Read more Read […]

How To Use Pistachio Pesto

The pistachios give this pesto from Bonnie Oatcakes a very nutty taste, plus because of their sodium content, you dont need to add any extra salt to the mix. […]

How To Stay Full For 8 Hours

Only, after 8 weeks should you gradually start to increase the amount of time he spends in his crate. Your puppy should spend no more than 3 hours in their crate until they are at least 14 weeks old. Between 14 and 16 weeks old you can increase the time in the crate to no more than 4 hours. […]

How To Set Up Old Macbook Pro 2017

23/12/2016 · So you just unboxed your new aluminum and glass Apple MacBook Pro. We walk you through the best way to set it up. The new Apple MacBook Pro … […]

How To Use Stencils On Eyebrows

DIY Eyebrow Stencils 5. By san on 17.03.2014 DIY, Eyebrows. If you have, well, no Brush the eyebrow using the eyebrow brush to make sure all hair is in line. Outline the brow using the long paintbrush or any other long object such a pencil. Line the end of the paintbrush next to your nostril for the first line. And then outside of your pupil for the second line, and the outer corner for […]

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